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Before Someone Dies

Most of us are ill prepared for end of life and have no solid knowledge of where and what we can do to make a positive difference and impact to our lives or those who we may be caring for at end of life. 

We are all going to die, but for some people they have prior warning, they are given a diagnosis of a life limiting illness. This can be devastating but within the pain there are wonderful opportunities for creating precious memories with those loved. 

We have created this resources page to help you navigate through your journey either alone or as a family.  From, early diagnosis of a life limiting illness and how to do Advance Planning, to knowing what to expect in the last few months/weeks of life.  We cover the signs of dying and how best to support someone through this stage in their life.  We talk through the advantages and disadvantages to having a funeral or direct cremation and in-depth cover and support through Grief.


We have deep connections and trust with all the organisations and people listed below who will guide and

support you through this journey.

Low cost funeral

Story of Life

Cheap Funeral

End of Life Practitioners

Simple Cremation

Advance Planning

Direct Cremations

Will Writing

Stag Direct Cremations

Holistic Therapies

Tea Time
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