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Do a family get ‘closure’ with a direct cremation?

Direct (Simple or Pure) Cremations do not enable any mourners present at the actual cremation, so how do people get the closure they need if there is no funeral?


This is one of the most common questions we are asked by families, and rightly so. We have witnessed through our work as End-of-Life Practitioners, a common trend which is when families did not do anything to honour those who’d died they were more likely to struggle with ‘closure’. One of the main guiding forces for us when creating Stag Cremations was that we are here to offer guidance and support to our families through their grief and beyond.


At Stag your team guide will gently talk you through the direct cremation journey and what is likely to happen over the coming weeks. They will keep you updated as well as support you with all the paperwork and information required, advising (should you wish) the date of when the cremation is taking place.  


We also offer an option, something that most other direct cremations companies do not, for families to be able to change, upgrade or accessorise the direct cremation, making it more personal.  It gives you the opportunity to personalise your loved one’s journey; for example you could choose to upgrade from the basic coffin to something such as a beautiful wicker casket or may be by adding flowers to accompany the coffin and with a large choice of colours and styles available, we have something to suit most people’s wishes.   


Many of our families choose the Elegance Stag package as they take great comfort knowing their loved one has been gently washed, blessed and anointed with sacred oils and wrapped with much care in a muslin cotton shroud.  And again, if you wish, a lock of hair and a fingerprint will also be taken and sent to you for you to treasure.


Saying Goodbye


You don’t need to have a full funeral in order to say goodbye. Our Inspirations page is full of ideas and ways to honour your loved one.  For some, it may be finding a venue that captures the character and theme for a full Celebration of Life or Memorial with the ashes present; for others it may be that something as simple as holding a candle-lit vigil with friends and family is what’s needed.  What is most important is that it feels right for you and supports you in your grief journey.


The beauty of having a direct cremation is that you are not restricted to a 25 minutes slot in a crematorium, you get to pick the time, venue and date and plan it for as however long as you need, personalising the event in any way you wish.


Some people like to have a Celebrant lead the ceremony on the day, enabling the family to be able to just relax and be present on the day without worrying about having to speak. Stag are able to put you in touch with a possible Celebrant should you wish.


It’s also important to not here that there are many rituals that you can do with the person who has died before the body is brought into our care. Again, we can advise on people who can support you in this or advise on some simple rituals you can do to help say your goodbyes.

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