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When someone dies our Stag Guides are here to help

Losing someone close to you is one of life's most difficult experiences. The grief can feel

overwhelming and the thought of having to deal with the paperwork and registration

process may feel just too much to navigate. That's where our Stag Guide can provide truly

personalised care and support every step of the way.

With a Stag guide, you have a compassionate companion dedicated solely to you during this

enormously challenging time. Your guide will offer gentle emotional guidance,

understanding that grief is a unique journey for everyone. You'll never be rushed into any

decisions regarding cremation services and they will help you explore the different ways you

may wish to celebrate and honour your loved one’s life.

The first call with your Stag guide may simply be to listen as you talk through what has

happened, sometimes just being listened to can be of great help as you come to terms with

the shock of losing someone close to you. And when you are ready our Stag guide will

gently take you through what a direct cremation involves and whether this option is right

for you.

At Stag Cremations we will always take the time to hear more about your loved one to help

us build a picture of who they were. We take the time to understand their personality, what

type of hobbies they enjoyed, where they liked to travel, what made them laugh, and most

importantly what they like to be called by.

Our Stag guides view their role as an extended family, here to nurture and provide the

feeling of a safe port in the storm as you navigate your way through one of life's toughest

transitions. With a caring approach focused on your needs, they'll compassionately walk you

through every step, honouring your loved one's memory your way.

If a simple direct cremation is your choice, your Stag guide will support you throughout this

journey and beyond helping you create a unique personal celebration of life or memorial.

Whatever path you decide is right, your Stag guide will be right by your side with a steady

hand and nurturing presence.

In this time of profound loss, know that you don't have to face this alone. The Stag guide

family is here to support you throughout this journey.

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