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What happens after a death is reported to the Coroner?

A Coroner will first gather information to investigate whether a death was due to natural causes and if a doctor can certify the medical cause of death.

The Coroner will ask the police to gather the information about the death. This will usually include speaking to the family of the deceased, anyone who was caring for the deceased and anyone who was there when the death happened.

If the reason why a Doctor cannot certify the death is simply because they have not treated the patient in the last 28 days, then the Coroner will discuss the cause of death with the doctor. If a Coroner is satisfied that death was from natural causes and no further investigation is necessary, then they may accept the medical cause of death that a doctor gives and issue a Coroner's notification to allow the death to be registered.

If a Doctor cannot certify the medical cause of death then a Coroner will investigate the death and may order a post-mortem examination to be carried out.

Image by Faye Cornish
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