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National Ashes Register

Free Basic Listing With Stag Cremations 

Option To Upgrade To Enhanced Listing

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The Ashes Register:



& commemorating the last resting place of your


cremated remains

The Ashes Register: How it Works

Last resting places have been marked in UK burial grounds since the Middle Ages, but when people are cremated memorialising a loved one can be more difficult.

Some choose to bury ashes in a marked plot, but most will take ashes home. Ashes are often held at home for a short period but eventually most will be buried or scattered at a cherished location.

Regrettably these locations and the reasons for choosing them frequently go unrecorded, meaning that an important piece of family history is literally cast to the wind.

Tree Planting Memorial Stag Direct Simple Cremations
Scattering ashes Stag Cremations

Introducing the Ashes Register

The Ashes Register is a new initiative which has been supported by all the leading companies and organisations in the cremation sector to enable the registration and mapping of the location of cremated remains.

  • It is entirely free to register a set of ashes and their

        location which will create a fully searchable listing

        to show their last resting place;


  • Or add a £5.99 upgrade to create a virtual Memorial Wall to your loved one’s ashes record, adding words, video and photographs to their memory along with Family History items, a condolences facility and book of remembrance which will be of use to generations to come

  • Lost Ashes? Ashes Register has a premium Ashes Finder Service to locate lost Ashes which don’t show in current searches.

  • Wishes for Ashes: Record your Wishes for Ashes – set down what you wish to happen to your ashes or ashes in your care at a future date in a legally binding document.

The Free Option - Basic Record

£0 - Forever Free

  •  Searchable Scatter Map including Grave Marker Pin and Basic Personal information
    Absolutely free forever, this basic listing provides the following information:

  •  Record the death of a loved one: Full Name (plus maiden name or nickname);

  •  Receive and respond to condolences;

  •  Lifedates: Date and place of birth. Date and place of death;

  •  Location of Scattering; Record the precise location of cremated remains at any location anywhere in the world.

  •  Date and Time of Scatter;

  •  Symbol denoting Faith or Belief (if any);

  •  Simple Epitaph or Tribute.

Sign Up For Free

People on a Deck
Family Reunion

Everlasting Memorial Tribute and Family Time Capsule

Achieve “Immortality” with a

£5.99 once-only payment

  •  Searchable Scatter Map including Grave Marker Pin with the opportunity to add detailed Family History information
    This Family History Version provides not only a lasting memorial for your loved one but also makes available a Treasure Trove of essential information which will be vital for family historians in years to come:

  •  Everything in Basic Grave Record plus:

  •  Unlimited Facility to add Video and Photographic Gallery of Deceased, Ceremony and Location;

  •  Full details and the precise location of scatter and interment any grave-marker or plaque you have erected;

  •  Full Details of Ceremony including attendees and/or invitation management;

  •  Short Dedication or Epitaph

  •  Honorific (e.g. Sir, Lord, Dr, Prof) and Post Nominal Letters (e.g. MBE QC) and awards and achievements;

  •  Written Memorial Detailing Achievements and Close Relatives;

  •  Written Memories and Photographic Tributes unloadable by others;

  •  Upload Order of Service and Other Memorial Documents;

  •  Condolences Posting and Response Facility;

  •  Memorial Wall (for others to add messages and memories);

  •  Book of Remembrance for remembering birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other key dates;

  •  Upload a family tree and other historical documents for others that follow as a time-capsule for those conducting family research, furthering permanent commemoration of your loved-one's life.

£5.99 Once Only Payment

Tree Planting Memorial Stag Direct Simple Cremations
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