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What is involved?

A direct cremation is low cost because of its simplicity; the person who has died is collected from the hospital at a time convenient to the funeral director  after which the cremation happens without any mourners present. 

We understand that this is perfect for some,  but for others they want some care and attention paid to the person who has died. This is where Stag Direct Cremations is unique. Should you wish,  one of our trained Stag Guides will lovingly wash and anoint your loved one using sacred oils, gently wrapping them in beautiful muslin and blessing them with words of your choice. 

You also have the opportunity to have a photo of your loved one's hands, a fingerprint and a lock of hair should you wish. 

After the ceremony your guide will write to you with details about the oils they used and any blessings they said. This will be sent in the post along with the photo  of your loved one's hands should you wish and the lock of hair and fingerprint. 

This is offered as part of the Elegance Stag package 

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