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Flowers galore! 

Many people like to send flowers with the coffin on the day of the cremation, if this is something you would like to do please have a look at the various colour and size options, make a note and let our Stag Guides know when you call. 

These flowers are all created with the season in mind and so the flower content will vary depending whether it's Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. 

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Beautiful baskets!

Some people like their loved one to be placed in an alternative coffin to the one that's included in the basic price. Whether you would like to have a bespoke made willow coffin, a beautiful felt shroud or a beautifully made woven coffin or a cardboard coffin then we can help. 

Just make a note of your choice and let your Stag Guide know.

Handcrafted wooden urn Stag Cremations.jpg

  Urns of beauty

We have an array of beautiful handmade urns for the precious ashes

to be placed in. 

Spend time having a good look at our options and then just let your Stag Guide know which you'd like by giving us a call.

Wooden Urns

Wooden Urns

Wooden urns
Turned wood

Turned Wood

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