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From acorns grow mighty oaks

We need your support to help future 

generations as well as honouring those

who have gone before us.

Stag Direct Cremations, Low cost funeral

It is estimated that just one cremation produces an average of 534.6 pounds of carbon dioxide,

never mind all the other pollutants from mercury fillings, plastics etc. 

Cremation makes up approximately 77% of all funerals in the UK and so we are very keen to counteract

the damage that is done to our precious environment for future generations. This is where you can help. 

With each cremation that we support a family with the family will be sent a small Oak sapling

that is an offering to our future generations as well as honouring the person who has died. 

Sadly human ashes are not good for plants and can kill them but if you wanted to mix just 1 teaspoon of the

ashes in with the rich compost the tree will be fairly safe and you get to nurture the tree knowing how precious it is. 

Simple Funerals

But I don't have a big enough garden!

Don't worry if you don't have a garden big enough for the oak tree. To begin with the tree will be more than happy in a pot, so as long as you have space enough for a pot outside you can care for your tree. 

If you don't have any space outside then maybe you could ask a friend or relative if they have space for the pot. 

Eventually, when the tree is big enough, and if you don't have room in your garden, you could contact your local Wildlife Trust  or your local Natural Burial Ground to see if they have anywhere the tree could be planted to go on and support our planet for future generations. 

Send us your photos!

We'd love to see how your acorns are growing so if you would like to, please email us a picture of your baby Oak which we will share here to encourage others in their gardening endeavours! 

Stag Direct Cremations celebration of life plant tree
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