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The Full Story Remembered

We all want to be remembered, to know that our lives mattered, and wouldn't it be wonderful to have a place online where you could share the story of your loved one, grow the story through collaboration, share photos, music and video, organise events to remember that person?


Well you can! Stag have teamed up with Muchloved, an online memorial website charity helping bereaved people to create their own personalised  online tribute site in memory of a loved one. For every person who uses Stag Direct Cremations, we will gift you your very own permanent tribute page. A place where you can:

  • Add as many photos as you like

Photos are added into a Gallery listing and you can also create personalised slideshows for your main page as well as Story and Timeline sections.


  • Collaborate with friends & family 

Use the Invite section to share your Tribute with specific people and choose whether or not to add your Tribute onto popular social networks.

  • Donate

Choose a favourite charity or charities so that guests can make in-memory donations that will also display on your Tribute site.

  • Candles

Select from a wide range of beautiful candles, such as Thought and Birthday Candles (alight for a day) to Lasting Candles (permanent).

  • Thoughts & Stories

Thoughts and messages of condolence help friends or family to share their feelings and memories.

  • Music & Videos

Play content from Gallery listings on the main page, or link them to particular stories. Create your own playlist with full audio control.


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