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What is a Direct Cremation?

Direct, or as they are sometimes known as, Simple Cremations are becoming increasingly popular for their cost as well as their flexibility, but what actually is a Direct Cremation and why Stag Cremations are so special. 

What is a Direct Cremation
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In simple terms a direct cremation is a cremation without a service. When the person dies we come and collect them, caring for them until the day of cremation.  On the day of the cremation, the person who has died is taken to the crematorium in a simple coffin and the committal is carried out with no mourners present.


Here at Stag Cremations it is possible to personalise this part by upgrading from a simple plain coffin one to one such as a beautiful wicker basket.  We also offer the opportunity to add some beautiful seasonal flowers to the top of the coffin accompanying it on its final journey.  These are just a couple of the additions we offer and you can find out more by visiting our upgrades page.


After the cremation the ashes are then returned to the family (if they wish) for them to decide how they would like to remember their loved one, be it holding a Celebration of Life or a Memorial Service.


Choosing a direct cremation offers flexibility enabling you to plan a celebration for your loved one in the way that suits you and your family best, in a space that reflects you and the person who has died.  We have some ideas for how you can do this here.  Traditional funerals that are held in a crematorium are becoming less popular as people are wanting to remember their loved one in ways that are more personal and fitting to them than a short slot at a crematorium, knowing this feels inadequate and almost impossible to really honour someone in that short space of time.


At Stag Cremations we have found that planning a celebration of life helps bring those who are left behind closer together sharing stories and memories, contributing to the celebration however unique it may be.  The beauty of this much greater involvement and creativity is that it can help with the grieving process.


Direct Cremations are the future for funerals, enabling families to take control of how they honour their loved ones in a manner that right for them and the person who has died. 

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