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Cremation options
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This is our most basic direct cremation option with the ability for you to *upgrade with add ons should you wish.

*Excludes the following third party costs: 

Disbursement crematorium fees - £350

Dr's fees - £82

Simple coffin - £115

Hand delivered ashes - £100

Out of hours collection (4pm-9am) and collection from a private home, hospice or care home - £450

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This is a direct cremation with extra gentle care of your loved one that includes:

  • ceremonial washing using sacred oils,

  • anointing,

  • blessing,

  • wrapping them gently in white cotton.

There is also the option to *upgrade including flowers and a different choice of coffin

*Excludes the following third party costs: 

Disbursement crematorium fees - £350

Dr's fees - £82

Simple coffin - £115

Hand delivered ashes - £100

Out of hours collection (4pm-9am) and collection from a private home, hospice or care home - £450

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With our pre-payment plans through Open you are given the peace of mind knowing that your family won't have the worry of having to organise and pay for your cremation. 


With our plans you have the ability to create your own bespoke plan including bereavement support for your loved ones too. 

Why choose Stag?

Why Stag
Gentle support when you need it 


Having been created and launched by award winning holistic funeral directors,

we have many years of experience in supporting families, as well as in caring for those who have died, with gentleness and compassion.

Our gentle and nurturing team of Stag Guides will provide a personal one to one

support every step of the way throughout your journey and beyond, ensuring

you are fully supported and cared for during this important and emotional time.

We provide so much more than many other direct cremation companies. Here at Stag we offer you various options to upgrade from a simple direct cremation to

one that may include flowers and a beautiful woven basket coffin.


Our Elegance package gives the gift of having your loved one gently washed and anointed with sacred essential oils, blessed and gently wrapped in white cotton with the option for a fingerprint and lock of hair.

If you choose, your guide will hand deliver the ashes at a time convenient to you, during which they would be delighted to come in and have a chat with you to see how you are managing and to offer further guidance. 

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 We also include at no extra charge:
  • Free online tribute for you to share the details of the celebration of life event should you wish to have one, including online donations to your chosen charity as well as collaborate with family and friends to share memories, videos and photos. 
  • Free listing on national ashes register.
  • Access to the free grief support service 'Grief Chat'.
And we also would love you to join us for our​ annual Honouring of Life gathering where you will have the opportunity to meet the other families we have supported and participate in a ceremony honouring your loved one.


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Stag Direct Cremations Low cost funeral
Stag Direct Cremations 
allows you the freedom to have a
memorial or celebration of life ceremony
whenever & wherever you want
at a fraction of the cost of a
traditional funeral
What is a dc

A direct cremation is simply a

cremation without a service.  

The person who has died is collected

and cared for by us until the day of the cremation when they are taken in a simple coffin to the crematorium

 without mourners present.  

The ashes are then returned to you for you to decide whether you would like to hold an ashes ceremony.

This is sometimes also known as a simple cremation.

This is the lowest priced option and

for many this is a driving force.  

For others, they just do not want to have a

funeral service at the time of death.  

A direct cremation enables the family to be able to hold a memorial, honouring of life or celebration of life ceremony, if they wish to, at a time and place

that suits them.

You are free to choose what is right for you

whether a traditional style ceremony or a more relaxed picnic/country walk

sharing memories.  

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Not sure what to do when someone dies?

We guide you here.

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Pros & Cons
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Pros & Cons

of a

Direct Cremation

Deciding upon which type of cremation service is right for you and your family is one that needs to be given thought and time. We have made things a little easier for you in this simple pros & cons of Direct Cremation

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